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School Rules

School Rules


NO smoking in the Do Jang at any time.

NO gum chewing in class.

NO profanity will be used in class by anyone at any time regardless of rank.

NO jewelry is to be worn during class.

Students are NOT allowed to belong to another Do Jang.

Never leave class for a break, drink water, or leave early w/o permission.

Never lose your temper in the Do Jang, especially while sparring.

Never lean on the walls, or lay on the floor spread out.

Students must keep their finger and toe nails clipped short, and clean at all times.

No horse play, whistling, or loud talking in the Do Jang, especially while the instructor is speaking to a visitor or student.

Telephone the school if you are going to be late or absent from class.

Bow to the flags before entering and leaving the Do Jang and before leaving the office.

When you see your sabumnim (instructor) you must bow to him.

You must always respect your sabumnim when asking or answering questions

Respect all senior belts, bow when asking questions.

Keep your uniform clean at all times.

When fixing your uniform or belt, do not face your instructor, always turn your back to him.

Always keep in mind that you are being taught a deadly art, treat it with respect, and above all, never misuse it.

Practice discipline, especially while training.

Arrive to class 10 to 15 minutes prior to class.

Alway sign in for attendance.

Show respect to your instructor's

Keep your uniform clean and odor free.

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