Hap Ki Do

Hap Ki Do is a self-defense martial art of Korean origin. The literal translation from Korean of the word Hap Ki Do is " The way of coordinated power".

  • Hap : or coordination.
  • Ki: or power, is an internal energy which resides in all of us
  • Do:  the way, is more than just a collection of methods or techniques, it is a life styles or a philosophy.
  • Hap Ki Do meaning the application of power (ki), through the use of a technique,(Do) to a specific target.

             A person who is novice in the martial arts may upon first glance not see any differences between Hap Ki Do or any other art forms. People fall down, get kicked and punched and yell frequently. Through the closer study, one sees that Hap Ki Do emphasizes circular movements. This movement avoids the direct opposition of an attackers force and takes the defender inside the attackers defense for counterattacks.

             As one watches the movements of Hap Ki Do, the three principles become apparent. These three principles, circular motion, non-resistance, and the water principle are the basis for all Hap Ki Do techniques.

The ethics and philosophy of Hap Ki Do also differ from the other martial arts.

  1. Respect

  2. Humility

  3. Concentration

                 Respect is crucial to Hap Ki Do as without it there is no cooperation, no unity, and no harmony.  The more you respect someone of his/her abilities the greater chance is that they will show you the same amount of respect.  Respect begets respect.  Humility is essential since no matter how much you learn, there is always more to learn. Humility makes us more receptive to learning and helps us avoid the counter productive pitfalls of arrogance and vanity.  Concentration is necessary because the mind only learns what it wants to, the undisciplined mind learns nothing. Nothing is impossible to the willing mind.


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